8 Handy Packing Hacks

Few travel woes are more frustrating than getting to the hotel and finding a jumbled mess when you open your suitcase. Whether your next journey is for business or pleasure, follow these genius packing hacks and you’ll be ready to go the minute you arrive.

Let’s Get Rolling

Strapped for space? Rolled clothing takes up a lot less space than folded. Just be sure to set aside any items that are prone to wrinkles.

Cleaners to the Rescue

Speaking of wrinkles, placing clothing first inside a plastic dry-cleaning bag will prevent creases from setting in. Delicate tops and dresses can also be rolled between two sheets of white tissue paper.

Heart & Sole

Sliding sneakers and other rubber-soled shoes into a shower cap is a great way to protect the other items in your bag from getting dirty.

The Eyes Have It

A plastic contacts lens case makes an excellent temporary container for makeup or moisturizers when the tubes are too big to carry on. Just squeeze a small amount into the case to get through a few days without having to buy new products on the go.

A hard shell eyeglasses case can protect and organize small brushes, lipstick and eyeliner.

Staying Fresh

For longer journeys, toss a few dryer sheets between the layers in your suitcase to keep everything fresh. This trick is especially useful on multi-destination trips where you’ve got to pack dirty clothes with clean ones.

It’s also a smart idea to pack a pillow case or mesh bag to separate out smelly laundry.

Keeping in Shape

Prevent bras from getting bent out of shape en route by stacking them on top of one another and folding the pile in half. Then, stuff your underwear inside the cups to help keep their form.

For extra delicate lingerie, consider wrapping the bundle in a soft cloth bag, the type that comes with a new pair of shoes. Check the closet of your hotel as many high-end properties will include complimentary garment bags with your room.

Jewelry Hacks

A plastic pillbox from your local pharmacy serves as an effective jewelry box for rings and earrings on the go. Press bracelets, chains and necklaces between two layers of cling wrap to avoid tangling.

Planning for Souvenirs

It’s always fun to pick up gifts or something fun for the house while you’re away. Plan ahead by packing a small roll of bubble wrap to protect fragile souvenirs or a bottle of wine.

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