The true test of the slim-fit shirt

Men’s clothing has become increasingly tailored in recent years, making the slim-fit shirt ubiquitous. And it’s easy to see why it’s become so popular. With a narrower cut that hangs closer to the body, the slim-fit shirt looks neater and more modern that a traditional style that can billow out at the waist when tucked in, making you look like you have a muffin top when you really don’t. If you’re a fit guy, you want to look slim, and designers finally get it!

But when you go to try on a slim-fit shirt, don’t make the same mistake many guys make and fail to sit down. It’s the best way to tell if the shirt really fits. When you’re standing up, you’re at your slimmest. But when you sit, if the buttons are straining or any part of the shirt looks like it’s pulling in an unflattering way, you need to either go up a size or go for a more forgiving cut. After all, you’re going to have to sit in that shirt eventually!

With shirts available in multiple styles these days such as super-slim, slim, regular and traditional, there’s a fit that’s flattering for every body type. So stop into The Met, and we’ll help you find the shirt that fits you best.

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