How to wear bronzer in the winter

If you feel like you’ve started to lose your summer glow, there’s no need to stress. Bronzer can add just the hint of color and shimmer you’re looking for to brighten up your face and keep you looking your sun-kissed best. Bronzer can highlight cheekbones and give you a radiance that blush and foundation just can’t, but some people fear using it in the winter, thinking they’ll look fake and overdone. Relax. You can continue to use this versatile face-saver year-round as long as you consider a few simple things:

Go a shade or two lighter

As a general rule, darker-skin women can get away with darker shades of brown and orange, while fair-skin women will want to gravitate toward bronzers with a little more pink, peach, coral or gold. Stop into The Met and we can help you select the shade that is perfect for your skin tone.

Use it sparingly

Dust it where the sun would naturally give you color, on your cheekbones, around your temples, down your nose and along the curve of your chin. Don’t apply it to your entire face. Allover bronzer is not fooling anyone. Think sun-kissed, not fake-baked.

Go easy on the shimmer

Look for a bronzer with a slight shimmer to keep your skin looking radiant, not matte and dull. But remember, a little shimmer goes a long way, so keep it subtle, especially in winter.

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