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OCTAGON.  The Kuwaiti jewelry house, Octium, is based around the minimalist lines of the octagon shape. The octagon suggests infinity and modernity in one neat shape, and over the past several years Octium’s designers have been inspired by this delightfully simple concept for its main collections.

Husband and wife team, Fahad Al Hajiri and Alanood M Al Sabah conceived Octium from a mutual passion for jewelry and its significance in our lives as wearable art.  Alanood, a Princess in The Al Sabah family in Kuwait, is a jewelry collector and an artist at her core.  She had been sketching designs since she was young and while jewelry shopping on their honeymoon, fahad encouraged her to produce one of her designs.  She started with a small private clientele, which later gave way to Octium.

Octium views jewelry as personal works of art.  The Octium approach is rooted in a pursuit to always be fresh, innovative and avant-garde, while balanced with timeless quality.  The collection features diverse themes and materials including various colors of 18k gold, diamonds and gemstones.

Cocktail ringBuddha Mama

Just think, positive vibes through gold jewelry.  Buddha Mama infuses eastern intricacies and Buddhist values into each and every design.  Each of Buddha Mama’s pieces is handmade and typically features an intricate design in 20k yellow gold and/or 18k rose or white gold.

The collection is rooted in the philosophy of contribution and was started as a way to raise funds for the local Buddhist center.  Nancy Badia, from the Badia Spice Family, began stringing beads and selling bracelets in order to contribute the profits from her sales.  Still to this day a portion of Buddha Mama’s sales are donated to the center.


suzy landa

Suzy Landa

This is fin jewelry that is FUN jewelry!  Equal parts playful and elegant, The Suzy Landa collection is comprised of predominately one of a kind pieces with rare colored gemstones that is classic but contemporary, feminine but not fussy.  She is an admitted and committed colored stone junkie.  When creating her pieces, she falls in love with a stone first and works backwards on the design.

After leaving her first career in the film industry, and taking metalsmithing classes, Suzy decided to turn her childhood passion of “making pretty things out of just about anything” into a business.

All pieces are handcrafted in NYC with 18k gold, diamond and gemstone.  The Suzy Landa collection is designed to be worn, not stored.  It is effortlessly elegant and somehow casual at the same time.

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